SmartCoat Applied at My Little Mandarin House


When you send your children to child care centers or kindergartens, do you know how clean the premise is, actually? Have you wondered about it? When your child are sick, have you thought of the cleanness in the places where they spends most of their time without you by their sides?
Here, we are talking about transmutable deceases, allergens, bacteria/mold contacts, bad indoor air quality caused by harmful VOCs and molds/fungus.

On 24 September 2011, Arc Flash Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd., has applied 2 Kindergardens at Bangsar. The Kindergarden are call, My Little Mandarin House. The owner of these Kindergarden is very straight on health related issues and we are proud to have found such a responsible personnel handling our future leaders on their premise.


Thanks to these bunch of responsible people that our new generation is safe from:

1) communicable deceases
2) allergens
3) bacteria attacks
4) harmful VOCs
5) fungus/mold attacks

With nanoYo application, these kindergartens only need to be reapplied one year after the first application. By this, the premises now can use less toxic cleaning detergents or chemical that produces harmful gasses which may cause more problem to children in this environment.

How sure are we of the cleanness that we are talking about? We follow up by test reports done by third party test lab to monitor the cleanness of the surfaces as well as the air, periodically.



We apply all the playground items which is bound to have a lot of bacteria and fungus/mold growing


It is by nature that books are made from materials that attracts molds and bacteria very quickly. Therefore all the books must be applied with nanoYo too

The tables and chairs is where the children spends most time with possible high traffic of bacterial attacks. By applying nanoYo on to these items, the surfaces will be self sanitizing continuously

Can The Effectiveness Be Tested?







We engage a third party test lab to perform the AIR QUALITY TEST and The SURFACE SWAP TEST to compare the results before and after the application to show proof of its effectiveness.

My Little Mandarin House is the first in Malaysia which adopt such a Green Technology in their Kindergarden. We hope that in the near future, more and more of such premisses will start using this application to protect our love ones from communicable deceases like hand, foot and mouth decease, h1n1 or even normal bacterial attack.

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