SmartCoat The SILVER PRIZE Winner Of 2012 Korean International Women Invention Expotion


May 4th to May 7th, 2012 was very important to Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. This is because we have finally grown… Stronger, and better with SmartCoat. From today onwards, there will be no more nanoYo in Malaysia. This is because our company has developed a better nano tio2 photocatalyst together with Universiti Sains Malaysia. Our new product is call, SmartCoat…




The event started on the 4th of May, with a grand opening ceremony by many country’s invention and innovation association’s personnel, together the president of the KIWIE (Korean International Women Invention Exposition).

There were over 300 participatants with many innovative inventions show cased.

Soon after the victory, we were called upon for a press conference at its main campus. A few media personnel attended this press conference and they are BERNAMA, THE STAR, Guang Ming Daily and RTM.

Here are some pictures of the press conference

presscon 6presscon 4

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