Possible attack launched by nanoYo over SmartCoat? Pick a guess

Dear all,

We have been attacked again… First, our previous Facebook page, nanoyo has been hijacked.. We were in the midst of transferring all our information to our new SmartCoat’s page, but before we were able to complete it, the nanoyo’s page has been hijacked. Then we found that suddenly there are many nanoyo’s page being developed. What could have happened? How could facebook be such so loose in their security? What have they done to block the page without the owners getting known?



Logically speaking, could there be such a coincidence where both are being attacked simultaneously?

Nanoyo, ohh… Nanoyo… Why are you so afraid of SmartCoat? Let me tell you why:

1. Arc Flash Corporation has been in the market even earlier than you… We have been around for 9 years… Our experiences, Kills you! You are just a small time manufacturer with no business ethic

2. We have SmartCoat which is way more superior than you…. In fact, more than 100 times better then you.

3. We have a whole team of R&D people owning a range of a lot of test equipments to test and keep on improving SmartCoat, where you only have a small room to produce your product in which you don’t even dare to show your customers when there are near your so called, LAB. We welcome our customers and any interested parties to take tours in our facilities and judge for themselves how good we are, over you.

4. SmartCoat is an award winning nano tio2 which is light years more advanced than you… You’re nothing at all…

5. Your so called SUPPORT, sucks… Every time we get you to come to support us when we were your previous customer, you screw us up… You made us loose many customers. This shows the amount of experiences you have on field… With that kind of support, how can you distributors depend on you? You’ll screw them too…

6. We own all the profiles and jobs in you, nanoyo…. You have nuts…. All. the application in relation to nanoyo, was done by us… Not you….

7. Why we gave up on you? You pushed us away… You are greedy… Because someone offers you they can buy stock and you want to sell to them direct, you open up our market to the other party without us knowing… How ethical?

We are very confident that if you continue doing such small actions instead of standing up to proof yourselves that we are wrong, you will go nowhere but sitting in your office dealing with such small matters only…

Dear all, after reading this post, do you still think its just a confidence and it’s not something nanoyo has done?