SmartCoat application at food storage area

Food, fruits and meat… they are bound to have shelve lives.. Applying SmartCoat on to the storage environment will keep the food, fruits and meat fresh and have a longer shelve live.


F&H agrifood adopted SmartCoat’s technology at the food storage room to keep them fresh and clean.



How so, can food, fruits and meat be fresh and have a longer shelve live than others with SmartCoat?
Well, SmartCoat can break the ethylene gasses that naturally emitting from the fruits which make them ripe faster.. when these gasses are gotten rid of, there will less or even no ethylene gasses absorbed by the fruits.. therefore the ageing process is prolonged..

As for meat, bacteria and molds attacks meat which rottens it. SmartCoat breaks the bacteria into h2o and co2 allowing the environment where the meat is being placed bacteria free.


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