Superb test done at OYL, manufacturer of YORK airco

Today, on 4th september 2013, we were asked to perform a test for our customer, OYL (manufacturer of YORK Aircon. The R&D team need to see for themselves how good SmartCoat is. This is part of the process of officiating us as the vender for the company.

We apply their cooling coils and they need to know what happens to the coils after the application. So we performed a test for their audit today.


Firsly, we take cut a portion of the fins inside the cooling coil system and perform a swap test with our atp tester.


The reading shows that there is 616 microbes on the surface of the fin..


After taking the reading, we apply the fin with SmartCoat.



We leave the treated fin exposed to room light for a few minutes and then we take another swap.


The reading shows that there is only 5 microbes count.


In comparison, we use another fin that is not treated, and we performed swap test on it.


The microbe count was 635.


Later, we asked the OLY team to try to pollute the SmartCoat treated fin with bank notes. Bank notes are known to be filled with bacteria. And the count was only 185.


Again, we exposed the SmartCoat treated fin to the available room light for a short while and there you go… it clearly showed that there was only 9 count microbes on the SmartCoat treated fin..

A very successful test indeed.


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