SmartCoat Exclusive Automotive Partner for its LAVENDER Series.. CARs International


As of May 2015, SmartCoat started working with Malaysia’s number 1 auto detailer, CARs International on an exclusive basis for its Lavender series call OTIO.
OTIO is the world’s first nano tio2 phitocatalsyt which comes with fragrance giving the car a more refreshing feel and at the same time, purifying the air of the car from the toxic gasses call VOCs. OTIO also provides a germ free environment in the car by allowing it to self sanitize for a few weeks.

This is a very big project for SmartCoat and we have committed to give our full support to it. OTIO made its way to all 50 outlets in Klang Valley for a start and will be made available in all 80 outlets by September 2015.
CARs International has also planned to open up 20 more outlets making OTIO available in all 100 outlets by the end of 2015.


OTIO.. the world’s number ONE inovation in the Automotive Industry…

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