SmartCoat Calling for Potential Distributors Worldwide /

SmartCoat calling for Potential Distributors Worldwide: We are looking for International Distributors and Partners Worldwide SmartCoat, a 12 years old company and we are ready to rock the world.
Under us, we have 3 different range of products.
1. SmartCoat, a Universal Coating that can be applied to all surfaces for the purposes
a) Indoor Air Purifying
b) Self Deodorizing
c) Control of infectious diseases
d) Removal of harmful Volatile Organic Compound, a toxic gas found in most of our new paint and other finishing that we use in our construction. In this, the Green Building sector has the urge to reduce the VOCs levels to as low as possible. This is where SmartCoat can play a very big part.
e) Self Sanitizing
d) Mold prevention

All these features are enjoyed by the users all at the same time for the period that last up to 2 years.

2. Our Self Applied version of SmartCoat, we call it Armor8.
For this range of product, we go to the retails, where customers who would like to enjoy some features of SmartCoat but they prefer it to DIY. Therefore, Armor8 is born for this purpose. Armor8 is good for self Sanitizing and Self Deodorizing that lasts up to 30days. its one of its kind in the sanitizing product industry.

Please take a look at the product introduction video in the following link :
3. External Coatings for Self Cleaning Facades
We have also developed 2 types of self cleaning technologies.

a) superhydrophillic coating
Our videos are available at: ,
b) Super hydrophobic Coating
Please take a look at our video for this product: , ,

Note: There are 3 videos altogether.

As you can see, SmartCoat is applicable to almost all industries with a very bright future. Here are some of the industries we can apply SmartCoat to:
a) Health Related Industries
b) Educational, Childcare and Elderly Care Industries
c) Green Buildings
d) Automotive Industries
e) Residential and Commercial Buildings
f) Building and maintenance industries
g) Air purifying industries
h) Solar panel
i) finished products for added value eg. (our customer Inovar Wood Flooring Manufacturer), (our customer York Cooling Coils for Indoor Air Purifying) and ( The fashion industry an Air Purifying Jeans in the garment industry)

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