A WINNER IS BORN.. At 2015 ARCHIDEX, Malaysia.

Winner Winner
Winner Winner

In August, 2015… SmartCoat participated in one of Malaysia’s biggest construction exhibition, the ARCHIDEX 2015.


Archidex 2

archidex 1

archidex 12

Here, we featured our Core Product, SmartCoat and participated in the NEW PRODUCT AWARD in this event and we also showcased ARMOR8 that has been our best selling product in this event.


Here you go.. we won the NEW PRODUCT AWARD.. This is very important to us as it showed us to be more determined in our direction towards the construction sector. Yes, we are proud but we will not stop there. We will continue to work to achieve more breakthroughs with SmartCoat and this also tells us that our continuous R&D is very crucial towards the road of success.

archidex 5

Archidex 10


Our overseas partners also joined us in this event and we would like to express our greatest appreciation to SmartCoat Thailand, SmartCoat India and SmartCoat Macao for their kind support.




So proud to be one of those winners standing on that stage..

That Prize Giving section at the GALA dinner was something to remember… SmartCoat is something to remember..

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