Harnessing the power of light to purify the air in your car with nano tio2 (Malaysia)

The warm and humid tropical climate in Malaysia and the rest of the Southeast Asian region, creates prime breeding ground for harmful bacterial, yeast and viral organisms. This can aggravate allergies of the sinus, skin and eyes, as well as particularly increase the risk of contagious air-borne diseases such as tuberculosis and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

In the recent years, consumers have been flooded with an influx of air purifier products – ranging from compact air ionizers to air-conditioners which kill harmful organisms in the air. Well-intended as they are created to be, these products are limited to their areas of application and require hardware installation as well as periodical maintenance.

But with the ARC FLASH Nanotech Photo-catalyst, consumers here can now enjoy the high quality clean air and environmental protection which have been enjoyed by residents in Japan, USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong. ARC FLASH photo-catalytic is a colorless liquid coating with 30% nano-sized titanium dioxide (TiO2) as its main ingredient. As a semi-conducting photo-catalyst, TiO2 lowers the chemical activation energy to enhance chemical reaction or accelerate the reaction rate under photo-irradiation. However, TiO 2 does not decompose or degrade from any resulting chemical reaction due to photo-irradiation.

ARC FLASH is as innovative as it is convenient without requiring hardware installation and periodical maintenance. Application is easy – spraying the liquid paint onto the intended surfaces using the ARC FLASH special spray gun. While pre-treatment of cleaning the surfaces with u-Clean soap is optional, it is required to cover reflective surfaces especially mirrors before spraying ARC FLASH as the liquid photo-catalyst causes a slightly matte-like effect which distorts vision. Suitable applications for ARC FLASH are especially the interiors of residences, offices, healthcare institutions and automobiles.

Suitable surfaces within buildings to apply ARC FLASH would be ceilings and walls, as with car seats, dashboards and side panels in a car surfaces. When TiO 2 is exposed to UV radiation from sunlight or other illuminated light sources, this maximises the oxidization capabilities of TiO2 to degrade the harmful micro-organisms in a process similar to photosynthesis. This thus produces purified air which is 99.97% bacteria-free.

Besides its hassle-free application process, ARC FLASH is odourless and non-toxic, while being self-disinfectant, self-deodorising and protecting the treated surfaces from stains after application during its effective treatment period. ARC FLASH uses a quick-drying binder that hardens and is water-insoluble within seconds after the treatment date. Therefore, it is advised that the treated surfaces not be cleaned or affected in any way from interference of other chemical cleaning products during this period of time while the TiO 2 is hardening on the treated areas. See here to find out how it works really. http://www.nanoyo.com.my

Each automotive application costs RM260 to RM380 with treatments for buildings costing between RM2.50 to RM3.00 per square feet (psf) of the total buiild up area. Every automotive application lasts 2.5 years, with treatments in building lasting 5 years. Therefore, each ARC FLASH treatment is backed with a warranty of similar duration according to their areas of application.



Currently supplied from 12 outlets nationwide in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak, ARC FLASH is also supplied to Brunei, Indonesia and Cambodia in the Southeast Asian region. The company is continously expanding to the rest of South East Asian market and is also looking for sales agents and distributors nationwide locally in Malaysia.

we had a grand launch for our application for car at euphoria, sunway in year 2009



for more about the launch please visit our media partner’s blogs at autoworld , on the road magazine and the star newspaper

To date, notable business premises the likes of Menara TM, OCBC (Kluang branch), Palace of The Golden Horses (a few rooms), the executive level (smoking area) of the Shang-ri La Kuala Lumpur, suruhanjaya tenaga, jkr, bmw HQ at cyberjaya, CIMBand AEROLINE buses (plying the KL – Singapore route) are just a few of the many places which have been treated with ARC FLASH. For more enquiries and services, please contact Mr. Wong Weng Heng at 012-283 4298 or email to heng@nanoyo.com.my or visit the official ARC FLASH website at http://www.nanoyo.com.my