PhotoMe Contest Brought to you by SmartCoat and Chi Fitness

SmartCoat is currently running a promotional campaign with Chi Fitness, Scott Garden.
It is call, the PhotoMe contest. All the contestants are participating in the 3 sections namely, most photogenic, most body beautiful and most spontaneous contest.
Please log onto our facebook fan page to vote and help the contestants to win great prices layed out for them to win.

Most Spontaneuos


Most Photogenic


Most body beautiful


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Green Charity

Yet another breakthrough by SmartCoat Malaysia as we begin our journey venturing into the Charity sector…


Malaysia’s first “home for the less fortunate”, IQ70 will begin to enjoy better indoor air quality, less germ, self deodorizing and mold free environment.
Yes.. we are very proud to be able to contribute…

SmartCoat’s videos – Malaysia Project

We would like to share some videos of projects that we and our partners have done over the years to show you the determination and the hard work we have gone through. Please enjoy SmartCoat’s hard work:

Here are some of the projects done at the Diamond building, Malaysia’s Works Ministry, FAMA, Malaysia Real Estate Housing Development Association, FAMA, York Coiling Towers, Automotive application, Malaysia’s first green mall, Setia City Mall and the 2012 Korean International Women Invention Expositionpresscon 6













Here is a report we did for of our customer. De Best Kids applied SmartCoat one year ago and we went back for surface monitoring using our ATP tester to measure the microbe count. It appears that some places are still clean but there are places which are not so clean. This is an alarm of reapplication and therefore the owner of this Kindergarten agreed to reapply SmartCoat nano tio2 at this place again. 


What is an ATP Tester? 

ATP are gasses/enzymes that living being produces. Once the living being is dead, the ATP will eventually disappears. The ATP tester is used to test the number of active ATP gasses/enzyme on a surface before/without SmartCoat application compared with the active ATP gasses/enzymes on a SmartCoat nano tio2 photocatalyst treated surfaces. 


SmartCoat made it on New Straits Times Malaysia dated 4th-12-2013


Here is a very good article posted by our partner explaining about how good is SmartCoat, why do we produce it locally and what are the benefits of SmartCoat can bring to mankind. A very good article indeed.