Increasing Show Up Rate in Schools with SmartCoat – Reported in Czech Republic

SmartCoat Europe has just completed a very interesting test results. We were working very closely with the ministry of health of Czech Republic. Project GreenShield is a joint project between SmartCoat, Ministry of Health Czech Republic and a number of Schools in a few towns in the country.
Since 2014, we have applied SmartCoat into several schools in a few towns in Czech Republic, and we compare the show up rate of the students ONE year Before and After the use of SmartCoat. The results were just amazing. The show up rate increased 8+% for the year

This shows that, when the indoor is purified by SmartCoat, students gets lesser chances to get sick. By increasing show up rates, we also increase productivity.

Test for Schools - Czech

Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd made it’s way to a school with nanoYo..


We had the honor to be trusted by SRK. Kung Man at Serdang Lama, inviting us to apply its class room. The reason that we are called upon for the job is that the school is very concerned about its student’s health. Nanoyo is applied to serve as a protection from bacteria growth and attacks.

Once again, we would like to thank SRK. Kung Man for their trust and support.


The school’s building

We started with cleaning the surfaces to make sure the surfaces we will be applying is dust freed





This shows how dirty the surfaces are, even after normal cleaning

We than started applying our nano tio2 on to all the surfaces in the classes including the ceilings, walls, floors, tables and chairs..









Upon application, the site will not only be free from bacteria, but also fungus free, self deodorizing and can purify the air by itself too…




Job done….. Packed up and go….

We hope that other schools will start appreciating what we have and start protecting their students by applying our high tech product at a preventive measure.

When we are talking about bacteria free, we are also looking at better controls on hand, foot and mouth deceases and other transferable sicknesses between the students.

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