SmartCoat Welcomes our Johor Distributor.. Clense Tech Sdn Bhd

We would like to express our warmest welcome to our new distributor, Clense Tech Sdn Bhd from Johor. The company is run by a group of very committed team from various industries. The Southern Part of Malaysia is now being taken care by this team.

Training Clense Tech - Automotive
Training Clense Tech – Automotive




SmartCoat Training - Buildings
SmartCoat Training – Buildings



The training was completed in 3 days from product knowledge, to technical application to sale and marketing and outlet visits. Clense Tech may be new, but they are fully capable of handling the business for SmartCoat in the Southern Region..

Increasing Show Up Rate in Schools with SmartCoat – Reported in Czech Republic

SmartCoat Europe has just completed a very interesting test results. We were working very closely with the ministry of health of Czech Republic. Project GreenShield is a joint project between SmartCoat, Ministry of Health Czech Republic and a number of Schools in a few towns in the country.
Since 2014, we have applied SmartCoat into several schools in a few towns in Czech Republic, and we compare the show up rate of the students ONE year Before and After the use of SmartCoat. The results were just amazing. The show up rate increased 8+% for the year

This shows that, when the indoor is purified by SmartCoat, students gets lesser chances to get sick. By increasing show up rates, we also increase productivity.

Test for Schools - Czech

Arc Flash Corporation’s Nano Tio2 Application at Crisdale Kindergarden



It has been a wonderful beginning of 2012 for us as we get many jobs within the first 2 months of this year.

We applied hotels, kindergardens and residentially within these 2 months and they will. E updated in a separate post.

Here, we would like to highlight our nano tio2 application at a kindergarden call, Chrisdale Kindergarden located at Taman Desa at Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to the owner’s trust on our product..

here are some pictures of the application at Chrisdale






we also did a random swap test at the application site



apart from that, we also performed an air quality sampling to ensure that the air is cleaned after our nano tio2 application




Here are the results of the lab tests



Upon application of our nano tio2, the whole premise will be anti bacteria as well as it will purify the air by itself making it a much safer place for the children who spends a lot of time here. Ofcourse, if their living places are also being applied, it will be far more better for the children.