SmartCoat Welcomes our Johor Distributor.. Clense Tech Sdn Bhd

We would like to express our warmest welcome to our new distributor, Clense Tech Sdn Bhd from Johor. The company is run by a group of very committed team from various industries. The Southern Part of Malaysia is now being taken care by this team.

Training Clense Tech - Automotive
Training Clense Tech – Automotive




SmartCoat Training - Buildings
SmartCoat Training – Buildings



The training was completed in 3 days from product knowledge, to technical application to sale and marketing and outlet visits. Clense Tech may be new, but they are fully capable of handling the business for SmartCoat in the Southern Region..

SmartCoat made it on New Straits Times Malaysia dated 4th-12-2013


Here is a very good article posted by our partner explaining about how good is SmartCoat, why do we produce it locally and what are the benefits of SmartCoat can bring to mankind. A very good article indeed.

SmartCoat’s first Breakthrough to CHINA – Application At LongHuaZhen Hospital, Shenzhen


Just recently in March 2013, SmartCoat was being invited to Shenzhen to apply our nano tio2 at one of the hospital call LongHuaZhen hospital at Long Hua Zhen. We presented to the hospital and found that the personnel did a very thorough home work on us, SmartCoat on what we do, and what we have done and they totally understands the concept of SmartCoat. We were greatly impressed with such professionalism.


There is only 1 sector that we were allowed to take pictures and it is located on the ground floor of the hospital.


During the application at one part of the hospital


Samples were collected after the application and they will then start to compare the results against a controlled environment which has not been treated by SmartCoat, just opposite this room.

They will do the monitor for 3 months where each week they will collect samples and do the bacteria counts on the same surfaces they took.

Verbally, we heard that the 1st result was great.. we are now hoping that the rest of the results for the next 3 months will be good too.

Working in china is very difficult. We may have all the proof, certifications and standards passed both locally in Malaysia and in overseas like the EU, but China have their own standards. Still a considerably long way to go, but SmartCoat has made its first step into the Mainland..


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SmartCoat Applied Sungai Buloh Hospital and its ICU

Early 2013, we applied another hospital call, Sungai Buloh Hospital. This is the first Governmental Hospital applying SmartCoat in Malaysia. ImageFirst, we applied its administration office..


Then we applied its medical storage rooms


Lastly, we proceeded with the application of SmartCoat at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

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Arc Flash’s exotic application on casket cars

Do we do exotic or odd cases? Yes…. We have even applied our nano tio2 in casket cars or funeral cars in Kota Kinabalu (KK), Malaysia.
Here are some of the pictures showing the application:

Arc Flash Nano tio2 Application on Casket Cars






what are the benefits of treating our nano tio2 into casket cars?
1. Anti bacteria
2. Anti odor
3. Self cleaning

So, we have done casket cars…. Will we also do morgues?, you may ask…. Well, if it’s for the benefits of the patrons going in and out of such sectors, we welcome your enquiries.

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Arc Flash’s Nano tio2 application at ELECTROLUX’s HQ at Jaya33


On 5th December 2011, we were asked to apply our nano tio2 at the Electrolux Malaysia’s HQ at Jaya33, Petaling Jaya. The reason for us being called upon was that the patrons there were sick one by one. We suspected that there is a very strong pollutant infection in the 11,000 square feet premise. That is why the virus can travel around the patrons working in this office.

We treated the whole office including its general office area, manager’s offices, conference rooms and even the show room where customers will come and take a look at their products.

Indoor Air Quality Test and Surface Swap Test Before the Application


For this project, we were required to do a lab test before and after our nano tio2 application to compare the counts of microbes in the air and also on the surfaces.
Usually the counts will drop dramatically to at least 70% a week after the application and will further reduced to almost zero one or two months after that. (the rough amount of reduction will be published when we get the report from the lab)

Application At Electrolux’s Showroom


Application At Electrolux’s General Office and Manager’s Office


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Are We Afraid of COMPETITIONS??

We have been in the market for the 8th years now.. We have met a lot of potential partners asking us the same question again and again and again…. DO WE HAVE COMPETITORS in the MARKET? ARE YOU AFRAID OF THEM?
Well, to be frank, we were afraid during our first 2 years in business and we even tried to avoid such question by either keeping quiet or just gently swing the question away….
But now… We will tell you, the more competitors come into the market the better. This is the only way people who have passions in this industry, stirs up the market through education. As you can see, our nano tio2 business is a very technical thing that no laymen can understand it easily. They need to be educated by more players in the market in many different ways.
We, Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd alone cant do the job of educating the public and there’s no government support to promote such a wonderful technology. So the best way is to welcome competitors, but quality ones. There are many impostors of such technologies in the market. Now, these are the people that we are afraid of.

Anyway, back to competitions. We are not afraid of competitors anymore. Why? you may ask….
I think with 8 years of experiences of doing this business in the market, we Arc Flash Corporation does contribute to some trusts in the market that we are giving our customers our best.

Over the years, we have developed so many industries and our customers don’t come to us because we sweet talked them. Its because we really provide them with high end solutions to solve their problems be it in the self cleaning sector or the antimicrobial sector or even the indoor air quality sector.

Our Customers


With customers such as the above, topping up with THE REAL ESTATE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (MALAYSIA), our first Platinum Status Green Building (THE DIAMOND BUILDING), Works MInistry’s Building (JKR) at Putrajaya, G-Tower Hotel (another Green Building), PAM (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia/ Malaysia Architect Association) and many more strong customers, we believe that we have somehow formed a very high bar as a benchmark for comparison with new players in the market.

Some Of Our Many Application Tests at Site



This test must be specially highlighted. Take note on the test dates of point 1 and 2 and the test date no. 3 which is done 10 months after point no. 2. Do you noticed that the results are even better?

We would say, no one has done such tests before on actual site. Most of their tests are done in the lab, where they create an ideal environment to test on their own product. To us, this is a way that they lie to themselves, trying to convince themselves that their product works, and at the same time, they do not have the confidence to proof that their product works upon application. This is because, the product may work in a certain way where you want it to work in the lab, but it may change when its being applied onto surfaces.


If the above is not enough to build our confidence against new players, check out some words that our customers gave us…





Over these passed few years, we have presented many times to our local government and many of the departments knows us well.

Here are 2 letters issued by our local government to support our product as a protection against H1N1 in year 2009.


Another very good reference that we get was from RIPAS, the ministry of health of Brunei which was a very thorough report.
What we are interested was stated in the last paragraph…


Those were just some of our many valuable references in our profile. Do we need to show more to build our confidence against future competitions? We will carry on expanding our profile and references to build a stronger “US”…

How Will Customers Compare?

1. Period of Existance
Yes…. there has been numerous players in the market but surviving 8 years? We are the only one… By so, we can give longer period of warrantee due to our long existence

2. Track Records
We have built a very large database of track records showing our capabilities in all the industries that our nano tio2 is applicable to over these passed 8 years…

3. Price
Arc Flash quotes the most competitive pricing in the market. Together with its track records and experiences, no one will be able to match its pricing structures, its services and quality of work

4. Accessibility
If you type nano tio2 malaysia, nanoyo, or any other related key words of this technology in Malaysia, WE WILL BE THE FIRST YOU WILL FIND….

Here are just some of the many factors that customers will consider when they do a search of a particular product to consider using. So, are we ready for competition? Yes we are…. Looking forward to of of service for you…


There has been researches mentioned that nowadays, even the air inside our buildings is worse that the air outside. This is mainly due to the finishes that we have using on our walls and ceilings (eg, paints and glues used on wall papers), floors (eg, materials used on our carpets), open spaces (eg, use of fragrances), washing materials (fragrances detergents) and etc. All the mentioned materials emits VOCs. Most of these VOCs contains harmful gasses that is dangerous to human Heath over a long time.
These danger can’t be seen and felt. The only way we can detect is either by smelling or using VOC testers.

Besides VOCs, even other micro-organic matters like bacteria, virus, molds/fungus and other allergens that we can’t see will harm our health over time. How can we know whether or not our home of offices or even our cars are filled with all these harmful microbes? They cannot be seen and felt as well. Again, there are numerous swap test equipments and expertise our there who is able to detect them.

So, what do we do after detection of such harmful matters that we have been living with? We take actions by trying to eliminate them. There are a lot of products that have the ability to minimize such contaminants, but does anyone really know what to use? Do they depend on a physical product like an air purifier? After determining that, do they go for the brands and then comparing prices? When they purchase these products to counter the IAQ problems, do they even check the air quality and cleanness of their surfaces once a while to make sure what they have purchased is useful? If they don’t, what makes them trust the products they are using? What different does that make to using nanoyo?

Nanoyo is a form of liquid which contains nano sized tio2. This liquid is applied onto all surfaces in the interiors of a building. This includes all ceilings, walls, floors and even all the furnitures and fittings within a building. When all these mentioned surfaces are applied with nanoyo, when there is like at presence, the treated surfaces will begin to have an ability to decompose anything that is organic upon contact. Therefore, it is able to oxidize VOCs, molds, odor, bacteria and viruses through a process call photocatalyst reaction.
The purpose of covering all the surfaces in the environment is to make use of every treated surfaces to work against all these harmful microbes. Nano tio2, when applied, can last a long time. It’s lifespan can be as long as 2 to 3 years without any maintenance like plugging it into your power supplies or even changing filters like air purifiers. The invisible coat, when applied onto surfaces, will never change the finishing of the surfaces.

So now, we have another option to consider when we are looking for something to solve our IAQ problem. Nanoyo has been in Malaysia for more than 7 years, applied to many premises such as hospitals, hotels, offices, residentials, karaokes, f&b outlets and etc, helping to solved different problems faced by the patrons here.
To find out more, please visit nanoyo or email us on

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SmartCoat, an innovative way to eliminate the invisible enemies..


Have You encountered any invisible enemies? Im sure you do… Im not talking about ghosts here…. Im talking about bacteria, mold/fungus, bad odor, virus, and other contaminants which are harmful to our lives… Please take some time to go through what i have to say if you are aware that your children playing with the invisible enemies…




The warm and humid tropical climate in Malaysia and the rest of the Southeast Asian region creates prime breeding ground for harmful bacterial, yeast and viral organisms. This can aggravate allergies of the sinus, skin and eyes, as well as particularly increase the risk of contagious air-borne diseases such as tuberculosis, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and recently, the H1N1 pandemic. In the recent years, consumers have been flooded with an influx of air purifier products – ranging from compact air ionizers to air-conditioners which kill harmful organisms in the air. Well-intended as they are created to be, these products are limited to their areas of application and require hardware installation as well as periodical maintenance. But with the ARC FLASH’s NANOYO Nanotech Photo-catalyst, consumers here can now enjoy the high quality clean air and environmental protection which have been enjoyed by residents in Japan, USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong. NANOYO photo-catalytic is a colorless liquid coating with nano-sized titanium dioxide (TiO2) as its main ingredient. As a semi-conducting photo-catalyst, TiO2 lowers the chemical activation energy to enhance chemical reaction or accelerate the reaction rate under photo-irradiation. However, TiO2 does not decompose or degrade from any resulting chemical reaction due to photo-irradiation. NANOYO is as innovative as it is convenient without requiring hardware installation and periodical maintenance. Application is easy – spraying the liquid paint onto the intended surfaces using the special electrostatic sprayer. Suitable applications for NANOYO are especially the interiors of residences, offices, healthcare institutions and automobiles.


We adopt the best application tool using the ELECTROSTATIC Spraying Technology, making nanoyo to be the first and only who use this technology for nano tio2 application in the world.


1) we apply nanoyo by directly spraying the product onto surfaces with our electrostatic sprayer


2) The photocatalyst effect will oxidize anything that is organic that comes into contact with nanoYo’s surfaces.
Nanoyo oxidizes the microbes by turning them into h2o and co2. This process will repeatedly happens for 2 years or more.



Locally, NANOYO has been applied in many industries over the 5 years of entry in the Malaysian market. They have been applied in the Education industries, Hospitals, Hotels and Resorts, Offices, Residential as well as private automotives. NANOYO has been protecting these clienteles from their invisible enemies, ever since.

















These pictures shows how clean nanoyo’s surfaces are. The tests are taken weeks after the application on the exterior walls (JKR Building Exterior) and months after the application on the chair. Both showing promising results.

OUR SIGNATURE Project, THE DIAMOND BUILDING, of Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Putrajaya. The first PLATINIUM GREEN BUILDING status






Gleneagles Hospital for the anti bacteria and anti VOCs application




Application at Cheras Pantai Hospital





Johnson&johnson Clean Room Application





Suitable surfaces within buildings to apply NANOYO would be ceilings and walls, as with car seats, dashboards and side panels in a car surfaces. When TiO2 is exposed to UV radiation from sunlight or any other visible light sources, this maximizes the oxidization capabilities of TiO2 to degrade the harmful micro-organisms in a process similar to photosynthesis, call PHOTOCATALYST. So happened bacteria, virus, mold/fungus and even odor are all organic in nature. This thus produces purified air which is 99.97% bacteria-free, virus-free, mold/fungus-free and also odor-free.

Here is a study done in University of Twente, Netherlands, showing the effectiveness of photocatalyst oxidations against VOCs and other gasses in indoors.

Where nanoYo is suitable to be applied?


NANOYO (photo catalyst) contain high level of Tio2 which has high chemistry stability and non-toxic characteristic. The process of light illumination is able to activate NANOYO to decompose microorganism and virus. It may avoid over using the medication disinfectant products which is possibly to cause the viral mutation. Besides its hassle-free application process, NANOYO is odorless and non-toxic, while being self-disinfectant, self-deodorizing and protecting the treated surfaces from stains after application during its effective treatment period. It does not contain medicinal substances so it will not cause antibody development and reduce the environmental pollution. This technology will enable a safer way for long term sterilization. NANOYO dries almost instantly after being applied onto designated surfaces and forms a nano film, filled with tio2. It is advised that the treated surfaces not be cleaned or affected in any way from interference of other chemical cleaning products for the first day time while the TiO2 is hardening on the treated areas. Base on the analysis report, NANOYO can remove unpleasant smell, eliminated harmful substances, prevent dirt collection, anti-fungal, anti-mold and most important is it will not release the deleterious substances TIO2 has been the top of the list in science studies around the world. With its ability to decompose not only microbes but also many gasses released from compounds be it naturally or industrially, this new concept may be one of the most effective way to protect us from harmful contaminants in the future.



Nanoyo has is available for cars too..


Formerly known as Arc Flash, nanoYo was adopted by Mitsubishi Electronics in Year 2010 as the anti bacteria DIY for their customers.

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