SmartCoat Welcomes our Johor Distributor.. Clense Tech Sdn Bhd

We would like to express our warmest welcome to our new distributor, Clense Tech Sdn Bhd from Johor. The company is run by a group of very committed team from various industries. The Southern Part of Malaysia is now being taken care by this team.

Training Clense Tech - Automotive
Training Clense Tech – Automotive




SmartCoat Training - Buildings
SmartCoat Training – Buildings



The training was completed in 3 days from product knowledge, to technical application to sale and marketing and outlet visits. Clense Tech may be new, but they are fully capable of handling the business for SmartCoat in the Southern Region..

Increasing Show Up Rate in Schools with SmartCoat – Reported in Czech Republic

SmartCoat Europe has just completed a very interesting test results. We were working very closely with the ministry of health of Czech Republic. Project GreenShield is a joint project between SmartCoat, Ministry of Health Czech Republic and a number of Schools in a few towns in the country.
Since 2014, we have applied SmartCoat into several schools in a few towns in Czech Republic, and we compare the show up rate of the students ONE year Before and After the use of SmartCoat. The results were just amazing. The show up rate increased 8+% for the year

This shows that, when the indoor is purified by SmartCoat, students gets lesser chances to get sick. By increasing show up rates, we also increase productivity.

Test for Schools - Czech

SmartCoat made it on New Straits Times Malaysia dated 4th-12-2013


Here is a very good article posted by our partner explaining about how good is SmartCoat, why do we produce it locally and what are the benefits of SmartCoat can bring to mankind. A very good article indeed.

SmartCoat’s first Breakthrough to CHINA – Application At LongHuaZhen Hospital, Shenzhen


Just recently in March 2013, SmartCoat was being invited to Shenzhen to apply our nano tio2 at one of the hospital call LongHuaZhen hospital at Long Hua Zhen. We presented to the hospital and found that the personnel did a very thorough home work on us, SmartCoat on what we do, and what we have done and they totally understands the concept of SmartCoat. We were greatly impressed with such professionalism.


There is only 1 sector that we were allowed to take pictures and it is located on the ground floor of the hospital.


During the application at one part of the hospital


Samples were collected after the application and they will then start to compare the results against a controlled environment which has not been treated by SmartCoat, just opposite this room.

They will do the monitor for 3 months where each week they will collect samples and do the bacteria counts on the same surfaces they took.

Verbally, we heard that the 1st result was great.. we are now hoping that the rest of the results for the next 3 months will be good too.

Working in china is very difficult. We may have all the proof, certifications and standards passed both locally in Malaysia and in overseas like the EU, but China have their own standards. Still a considerably long way to go, but SmartCoat has made its first step into the Mainland..


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SmartCoat Applied Sungai Buloh Hospital and its ICU

Early 2013, we applied another hospital call, Sungai Buloh Hospital. This is the first Governmental Hospital applying SmartCoat in Malaysia. ImageFirst, we applied its administration office..


Then we applied its medical storage rooms


Lastly, we proceeded with the application of SmartCoat at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

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