SmartCoat’s first Breakthrough to CHINA – Application At LongHuaZhen Hospital, Shenzhen


Just recently in March 2013, SmartCoat was being invited to Shenzhen to apply our nano tio2 at one of the hospital call LongHuaZhen hospital at Long Hua Zhen. We presented to the hospital and found that the personnel did a very thorough home work on us, SmartCoat on what we do, and what we have done and they totally understands the concept of SmartCoat. We were greatly impressed with such professionalism.


There is only 1 sector that we were allowed to take pictures and it is located on the ground floor of the hospital.


During the application at one part of the hospital


Samples were collected after the application and they will then start to compare the results against a controlled environment which has not been treated by SmartCoat, just opposite this room.

They will do the monitor for 3 months where each week they will collect samples and do the bacteria counts on the same surfaces they took.

Verbally, we heard that the 1st result was great.. we are now hoping that the rest of the results for the next 3 months will be good too.

Working in china is very difficult. We may have all the proof, certifications and standards passed both locally in Malaysia and in overseas like the EU, but China have their own standards. Still a considerably long way to go, but SmartCoat has made its first step into the Mainland..


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SmartCoat Applied Sungai Buloh Hospital and its ICU

Early 2013, we applied another hospital call, Sungai Buloh Hospital. This is the first Governmental Hospital applying SmartCoat in Malaysia. ImageFirst, we applied its administration office..


Then we applied its medical storage rooms


Lastly, we proceeded with the application of SmartCoat at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

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Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Dhd Applied Setia City Mall at Setia Alam


On the 23rd May, we applied our new SmartCoat nano tio2 at Setia City Mall’s site office and 2 more offices inside the mall with a total of 6,000 square feet in total of the build up area.

The indoor air sampling was taken before the application of SmartCoat (formerlly known as nanoYo).


Here is a close picture showing how the indoor air sampling was taken


We then begin applying the offices one by one.. Now, there are different problems here in these office. At the site office, because its just next to the severage, the air conditioning system has been constantly drawing the faulty smell from outside and made the whole office filled with bad smell. These smell actually made people working in such environment feel awful and unpleasant. Therefore, productivity may drop. The management is very concerned about this because its directly affecting the staffs working inside this environment and that’s why we were called to get this problem solved.

We started applying the exterior part of this office because we want to use SmartCoat to act as the first defence to break down most of the smell that is attacking the interior from the outside and then we apply SmartCoat in the interiors of this office to further break down the awful smell from the inside.

Here are some pictures showing the application of SmartCoat at the external wall.



After that, we started applying the interiors of this site office.

Here are some photos of applying SmartCoat inside the office.




After the application at the site office, we noticed there’s a good feedbacks from some staffs working in this environment stating that the smell went down dramatically. However, we will perform another air quality test a week after this application to confirm its effectiveness. The results will be updated soon.

We then proceeded to the mall and applied the 2 offices that is occupied by the company’s staffs. These office have other problems relating to smell as well. Because its a new office, there are a lot of VOCs in this environment which are harmful in long-run. The management is very concern of the long term threat to the patrons working inside such environment as well. Therefore, we are asked to apply SmartCoat in these offices as well.

Here are the pictures showing the application inside these offices.





We do not want to hard sell our effectiveness our SmartCoat any further. We will update this post with actual facts from third party few weeks later after the results are out.. Please stay tuned.

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Nano tio2 Application at hotel interiors and exterior at Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya and Saujana Golf and Country Club

Over the passed month, we have also applied 2 hotels at the state of Selangor, Holiday Villa Hotel which is located at Subang Jaya and We also did a demo site for the exteriors of Saujana Golf Club located at Saujana itself.



here are some pictures showing the application at the hotel room of Holiday Villa Hotel







we also performed an air quality test for this room before and after the application of our nano tio2


Here is the lab test report performed for this site


in this case, we compared a treated and non treated room, and these are the results. You will notice the IAQ is much better compared to the room that is not treated with our nano tio2

Here are some pictures taken at an exterior wall of Saujana Golf and Country Club


Here is what we did. We cleaned and applied the middle part of this wall and then we do a comparison later.


We also get the lab people to come and perform a surface swap test for us on the treated surface


Even before the test results of the swap test is out, we can already tell the difference visually


Here is a closer look… Can you spot the difference already? We left this site for 10 days after application and here is what we can see clearly the effect of self cleaning with our nano tio2


Swap Test Result
if it is difficult to see through the naked eyes, we have also performed a surface swap test to show you the difference


Here shows you that the wall that has been treated with our nano tio2 has much lesser microbes on it. If this test were to be performed 2 to 3 weeks after the application, the results could be much better