Arc Flash’s Nano tio2 application at ELECTROLUX’s HQ at Jaya33


On 5th December 2011, we were asked to apply our nano tio2 at the Electrolux Malaysia’s HQ at Jaya33, Petaling Jaya. The reason for us being called upon was that the patrons there were sick one by one. We suspected that there is a very strong pollutant infection in the 11,000 square feet premise. That is why the virus can travel around the patrons working in this office.

We treated the whole office including its general office area, manager’s offices, conference rooms and even the show room where customers will come and take a look at their products.

Indoor Air Quality Test and Surface Swap Test Before the Application


For this project, we were required to do a lab test before and after our nano tio2 application to compare the counts of microbes in the air and also on the surfaces.
Usually the counts will drop dramatically to at least 70% a week after the application and will further reduced to almost zero one or two months after that. (the rough amount of reduction will be published when we get the report from the lab)

Application At Electrolux’s Showroom


Application At Electrolux’s General Office and Manager’s Office


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