Arc Flash Corporation’s Latest Product – GermsAway Light


Just recently, we have ventured into a new range of product for our company, GermsAway Light. This is no ordinary light tube. This fluorescent light tube is a smart tube that has the ability to eliminate bacteria, eliminate air fungus/molds in the environment and also eliminates odor and harmful VOCs in the areas where its being installed.
It is most economical way to use when we are thinking of improving indoor air quality. GermsAway can be used in hospitals, hotels, offices, residential and many other buildings with minor bad air quality problem. Places with serious indoor air quality problems are advised to apply our nano tio2. More information can be found in our website at

Here is a test report showing its effectiveness and contribution in reducing the bacteria and fungus/molds in the air


GermsAway Light will be available through UE United Sdn Bhd soon. The company’s nature of business is in the distribution of high-tech lightings on the shelves as well as for projects. We believe that together, Arc FLash and UE United will gain great success through the synergy.


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