On 12/10/2012, SmartCoat attended the Appreciation Dinner invited by REHDA.

Months after the completion of the REAL ESTATE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION, Malaysia, the owner of the MENARA REHDA organized a dinner to appreciate all the contributors to this wonderful project.


Here, many developers and contractors were invited and it was a wonderful event to thank all the suppliers, contractors, builders and sponsors that made REHDA now a nomad anymore. REHDA was formed many years ago without a Head Quarter for many years until they found this piece of land to build its own building which controls the association in the whole of Malaysia.

The Guest of Honor in tonight’s event was YB Dato Seri Chor Chee Heung, minister of housing and local government. The night started off with a cocktail session for all the guests to mingle around, getting to know each other and exchange thoughts and insights about each other’s work as well as their contribution to this GREEN BUILDING. SmartCoat of course, didnt missed this opportunity to introduce itself to all the developers of what we have done for this building where we apply our nano tio2 on to all the interior and exterior surfaces of this building. Internally, SmartCoat helps to purify the air making the VOCs as low as possible and in some parts, the VOCs counts went to zero after several months. Externally, SmartCoat will keep the building as clean as ever for a very long time, saving the exterior building maintenance cost for the owner of this building.

The event then started with speeches given by the Chairman of REHDA followed by the minister and then dinner started. Half way through, there was entertainment presented by local singers and bands then there was a prize giving session where all the contributors were given plagues as a token of appreciation presented by the minister and the chairman.



SmartCoat’s Plague presented by the minister


Heng with the Plague


Jason with the plague



In this building, beside the Appreciation Dinner, all the contributors are also listed on a showcase installed on the ground floor lobby of this building. SmartCoat feel proud of this.


Here is where the boards are located.


A closer look where you can see our company name, Arc Flash Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd.

By 10pm, dinner ended and everyone went home happily, but before that, everyone stopped at the front og the building viewing the splendid night view of Menara Rehda, feeling proud of becoming one of the contributor to this beutiful project.



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Real Estate Housing Developer Association (Malaysia) New Project Update


Today, 23rd November 2011, we have started our nano tio2 application at the Core Section of the External Feature of this building.




This section will be the signature of the new REHDA Building and it will also be Arc Flash’s nano tio2 self cleaning coating’s signature as well.

The external application is scheduled to be completed by the end of November before we rest for 3 weeks while waiting for the interiors of the building to be completed before we proceed with finishing up the application of the whole interiors for the Indoor Air Quality features of our nano tio2.
It will be scheduled to be completed by the end of December before the hand over of the building. We are keeping our fingers crossed hoping everything will be on schedule so that we can complete it on time..

More Updates will be produced as soon, by sections of the progress of our work..



It has been a long wait for us to see the project to come to this stage. Finally, it’s our turn to kick start our part. This is going to be a 3 phases project.
We will start off with all the glass panels, followed by the rest of the whole external surfaces when the paint job is done and then finally, it’s our final touch after all the interior jobs are being completed.
This project is expected to be hand over by 31st December 2011. Hopefully all will go well..




Ivan is cleaning the glass panels before he can apply our tio2 on. It’s definitely not an easy job….




all these glasses has to be applied 1 by 1, which takes a lot of time… But with our electrostatic sprayer, no problem…..


next round, will be the rest of the exterior building structures… Now, that’s gonna be the toughest part because the nature of the landscape of this building is that, it’s unaccessible by cranes… It’s all on the scarf holdings..


Upon Completion of Our Nano Tio2 Application, What will this Building gets?

1. Close to Zero VOCs level

2. Close to Zero Microbial like bacteria, molds/fungus, allergens and even virus level

3. Does not need to install air purifiers

4. Very minimal maintenance for cleaning the external structures because of the nano tio2’s self cleaning effect

5. Effects lasting up to 3 to 5 years, with a 2 years warranty

6. Cost savings in the long run for many aspects

Can this be proven? The building will go through a commissioning process by the green building commissioners before it can be certified. Apart from the professional equipments used by the commissioners to monitor the results, there are also 3rd party labs that can perform indoor air quality sampling tests, swap tests and also VOCs tests.

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