Nano tio2 application on a banglow’s external glass panel and a fish pond

A Banglow At Cyberjaya


The owner of this banglow came to us because he does not want to spend so much time, effort and money of maintaining the cleanliness of external glass feature of this house.

here are some pictures showing the actual application






So what are the benefits of applying our nano tio2 at the external glass facade?

1. Anti Stains Made by Rain
2. Less Maintenance to Clean the Glasses
3. Mold/Fungus Free
4. Dusts Free

Another part of this banglow that we applied is the fish pond.

here are some of the application pictures




The Benefits Of Applying The Fish Pond

1. Easier Maintenance while Cleaning the Pond
2. Healthier Fishes without Molds/fungus Attacks
3. Self Cleaning

From here, we can see that with the nano tio2 applied, there are many benefits and the most important thing is the savings on the costs and efforts in the cleaning and maintaining these 2 areas which some times is very hassle and troublesome.