This is a page about Arc Flash Corporation and its quest to market its “nano tio2” technology. This is a very unique product and its application area is very huge.
The product is a smart product because of it multipurpose or multi functioning benefits with only 1 application. Its simple to be used, it cost and time saving and its green too.

Our technology originates from Japan, and has gained its popularity to a lot of foreign countries such as Taiwan, USA, Europe and Arc Flash has begin promoting and marketing this wonderful technology in the South East Asian region, having its HQ in Malaysia.

Previously known as nanoYo, SmartCoat is now SMARTER with greater technology advancement and effectiveness.

The company has gained its access to as much industries as the technology can access to, since the set up of this company.

This blog will tell you how passionate Arc Flash Corporation is towards developing a market for the technology and also, we’ll show you how the product works in different sectors.