SmartCoat made it on New Straits Times Malaysia dated 4th-12-2013


Here is a very good article posted by our partner explaining about how good is SmartCoat, why do we produce it locally and what are the benefits of SmartCoat can bring to mankind. A very good article indeed.


Here Is A Publication On the WEB thats Shows the Use of Nano Tio2 in NASA

NASA develops a ‘black hole’ for stopping airborne cross-contamination


You’ve likely heard of the mysterious entities known as “black holes” – NASA as well as many scientists worldwide share a theory that black holes in space literally constitute holes in the observable universe from which nothing can ever escape. Any matter that encounters them will be pulled inward by their massive gravity, destroyed and lost to the universe forever.

Here on Earth and until recently, the black hole for destroying airborne cross-contamination in the food processing environment remained elusive using traditional technologies such as fiber filtration. “State of the art” HEPA-fiber filtration was developed for the America’s Nuclear Manhattan Project just before the end of WW II – and yes, some 66 years ago. Through the years, chemical applications and even toxic gases have been offered as solutions.

We all know and readily accept state-of-the-art sanitizers and disinfectants to clean our floors, filter air, treat processing equipment, wash hands, etc. Unfortunately, it is instinctive to disregard what we cannot see, touch, smell or hear; including the ever present flow of airborne cross-contamination of microorganisms and organics as they fall into our products and onto our cleaned surfaces.

The clear and present need within the food industry for a truly GREEN air sanitation solution – not relying on chemicals, random oxidants or filters – has finally been satisfied using a NASA-funded space technology. The technology is unique in providing no lower size limits, whereas former technologies such as HEPA are limited to measuring only particles that exceed 0.1 to 0.3 microns in size. There are no chemicals or toxic gases introduced, keeping operational costs low and protecting employee safety.

Technical Notes: How does it work?


Nano particle Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is the photocatalyst of choice. When TiO2 is irradiated with the UV photons surface bound hydroxyl radicals are formed. Surface bound hydroxyl radicals never become a gas like Ozone (O3). All the elements of the PCO reaction occur within its contained Reactor Bed. No byproducts are produced and no person exposed to adverse chemicals risks. The Photocatalytic reactor is self-cleaning by virtue of the reaction by-products (CO2 and water vapor generated by oxidized organic material on the catalyst surface).

Contrary to Ultraviolet (UV) photons that require extended microbe contact times to be an effective airborne killing device, this technology relies on collisions of microorganisms and organics with its surface bound hydroxyl radicals. Within this system, there can be as much as 177 Cubic Feet (ft.3) of active catalytic surface area that generates billions of hydroxyl radicals. These radicals are awaiting collision with microorganisms or organics that have been pulled into its reactor bed by its fan to be mineralized into CO2 and H2O vapor. Unclean air from the environment is transitioned through the reactor and is replaced with 99% clean air 24/7. This dilution effect drastically reduces microorganisms and organics from becoming airborne cross-contaminates.

an example of how is nano tio2 being used in air purifying machines

Publication date: 12/19/2011

If NASA is Using this Technology, Why Aren’t You?

its very affordable and yet cost saving in long run….

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Are We Afraid of COMPETITIONS??

We have been in the market for the 8th years now.. We have met a lot of potential partners asking us the same question again and again and again…. DO WE HAVE COMPETITORS in the MARKET? ARE YOU AFRAID OF THEM?
Well, to be frank, we were afraid during our first 2 years in business and we even tried to avoid such question by either keeping quiet or just gently swing the question away….
But now… We will tell you, the more competitors come into the market the better. This is the only way people who have passions in this industry, stirs up the market through education. As you can see, our nano tio2 business is a very technical thing that no laymen can understand it easily. They need to be educated by more players in the market in many different ways.
We, Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd alone cant do the job of educating the public and there’s no government support to promote such a wonderful technology. So the best way is to welcome competitors, but quality ones. There are many impostors of such technologies in the market. Now, these are the people that we are afraid of.

Anyway, back to competitions. We are not afraid of competitors anymore. Why? you may ask….
I think with 8 years of experiences of doing this business in the market, we Arc Flash Corporation does contribute to some trusts in the market that we are giving our customers our best.

Over the years, we have developed so many industries and our customers don’t come to us because we sweet talked them. Its because we really provide them with high end solutions to solve their problems be it in the self cleaning sector or the antimicrobial sector or even the indoor air quality sector.

Our Customers


With customers such as the above, topping up with THE REAL ESTATE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (MALAYSIA), our first Platinum Status Green Building (THE DIAMOND BUILDING), Works MInistry’s Building (JKR) at Putrajaya, G-Tower Hotel (another Green Building), PAM (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia/ Malaysia Architect Association) and many more strong customers, we believe that we have somehow formed a very high bar as a benchmark for comparison with new players in the market.

Some Of Our Many Application Tests at Site



This test must be specially highlighted. Take note on the test dates of point 1 and 2 and the test date no. 3 which is done 10 months after point no. 2. Do you noticed that the results are even better?

We would say, no one has done such tests before on actual site. Most of their tests are done in the lab, where they create an ideal environment to test on their own product. To us, this is a way that they lie to themselves, trying to convince themselves that their product works, and at the same time, they do not have the confidence to proof that their product works upon application. This is because, the product may work in a certain way where you want it to work in the lab, but it may change when its being applied onto surfaces.


If the above is not enough to build our confidence against new players, check out some words that our customers gave us…





Over these passed few years, we have presented many times to our local government and many of the departments knows us well.

Here are 2 letters issued by our local government to support our product as a protection against H1N1 in year 2009.


Another very good reference that we get was from RIPAS, the ministry of health of Brunei which was a very thorough report.
What we are interested was stated in the last paragraph…


Those were just some of our many valuable references in our profile. Do we need to show more to build our confidence against future competitions? We will carry on expanding our profile and references to build a stronger “US”…

How Will Customers Compare?

1. Period of Existance
Yes…. there has been numerous players in the market but surviving 8 years? We are the only one… By so, we can give longer period of warrantee due to our long existence

2. Track Records
We have built a very large database of track records showing our capabilities in all the industries that our nano tio2 is applicable to over these passed 8 years…

3. Price
Arc Flash quotes the most competitive pricing in the market. Together with its track records and experiences, no one will be able to match its pricing structures, its services and quality of work

4. Accessibility
If you type nano tio2 malaysia, nanoyo, or any other related key words of this technology in Malaysia, WE WILL BE THE FIRST YOU WILL FIND….

Here are just some of the many factors that customers will consider when they do a search of a particular product to consider using. So, are we ready for competition? Yes we are…. Looking forward to of of service for you…