There has been researches mentioned that nowadays, even the air inside our buildings is worse that the air outside. This is mainly due to the finishes that we have using on our walls and ceilings (eg, paints and glues used on wall papers), floors (eg, materials used on our carpets), open spaces (eg, use of fragrances), washing materials (fragrances detergents) and etc. All the mentioned materials emits VOCs. Most of these VOCs contains harmful gasses that is dangerous to human Heath over a long time.
These danger can’t be seen and felt. The only way we can detect is either by smelling or using VOC testers.

Besides VOCs, even other micro-organic matters like bacteria, virus, molds/fungus and other allergens that we can’t see will harm our health over time. How can we know whether or not our home of offices or even our cars are filled with all these harmful microbes? They cannot be seen and felt as well. Again, there are numerous swap test equipments and expertise our there who is able to detect them.

So, what do we do after detection of such harmful matters that we have been living with? We take actions by trying to eliminate them. There are a lot of products that have the ability to minimize such contaminants, but does anyone really know what to use? Do they depend on a physical product like an air purifier? After determining that, do they go for the brands and then comparing prices? When they purchase these products to counter the IAQ problems, do they even check the air quality and cleanness of their surfaces once a while to make sure what they have purchased is useful? If they don’t, what makes them trust the products they are using? What different does that make to using nanoyo?

Nanoyo is a form of liquid which contains nano sized tio2. This liquid is applied onto all surfaces in the interiors of a building. This includes all ceilings, walls, floors and even all the furnitures and fittings within a building. When all these mentioned surfaces are applied with nanoyo, when there is like at presence, the treated surfaces will begin to have an ability to decompose anything that is organic upon contact. Therefore, it is able to oxidize VOCs, molds, odor, bacteria and viruses through a process call photocatalyst reaction.
The purpose of covering all the surfaces in the environment is to make use of every treated surfaces to work against all these harmful microbes. Nano tio2, when applied, can last a long time. It’s lifespan can be as long as 2 to 3 years without any maintenance like plugging it into your power supplies or even changing filters like air purifiers. The invisible coat, when applied onto surfaces, will never change the finishing of the surfaces.

So now, we have another option to consider when we are looking for something to solve our IAQ problem. Nanoyo has been in Malaysia for more than 7 years, applied to many premises such as hospitals, hotels, offices, residentials, karaokes, f&b outlets and etc, helping to solved different problems faced by the patrons here.
To find out more, please visit nanoyo or email us on heng@nanoyo.com.my.

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Arc Flash Corporation’s Latest Product – GermsAway Light


Just recently, we have ventured into a new range of product for our company, GermsAway Light. This is no ordinary light tube. This fluorescent light tube is a smart tube that has the ability to eliminate bacteria, eliminate air fungus/molds in the environment and also eliminates odor and harmful VOCs in the areas where its being installed.
It is most economical way to use when we are thinking of improving indoor air quality. GermsAway can be used in hospitals, hotels, offices, residential and many other buildings with minor bad air quality problem. Places with serious indoor air quality problems are advised to apply our nano tio2. More information can be found in our website at http://www.nanoyo.com.my

Here is a test report showing its effectiveness and contribution in reducing the bacteria and fungus/molds in the air


GermsAway Light will be available through UE United Sdn Bhd soon. The company’s nature of business is in the distribution of high-tech lightings on the shelves as well as for projects. We believe that together, Arc FLash and UE United will gain great success through the synergy.


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