Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Dhd Applied Setia City Mall at Setia Alam


On the 23rd May, we applied our new SmartCoat nano tio2 at Setia City Mall’s site office and 2 more offices inside the mall with a total of 6,000 square feet in total of the build up area.

The indoor air sampling was taken before the application of SmartCoat (formerlly known as nanoYo).


Here is a close picture showing how the indoor air sampling was taken


We then begin applying the offices one by one.. Now, there are different problems here in these office. At the site office, because its just next to the severage, the air conditioning system has been constantly drawing the faulty smell from outside and made the whole office filled with bad smell. These smell actually made people working in such environment feel awful and unpleasant. Therefore, productivity may drop. The management is very concerned about this because its directly affecting the staffs working inside this environment and that’s why we were called to get this problem solved.

We started applying the exterior part of this office because we want to use SmartCoat to act as the first defence to break down most of the smell that is attacking the interior from the outside and then we apply SmartCoat in the interiors of this office to further break down the awful smell from the inside.

Here are some pictures showing the application of SmartCoat at the external wall.



After that, we started applying the interiors of this site office.

Here are some photos of applying SmartCoat inside the office.




After the application at the site office, we noticed there’s a good feedbacks from some staffs working in this environment stating that the smell went down dramatically. However, we will perform another air quality test a week after this application to confirm its effectiveness. The results will be updated soon.

We then proceeded to the mall and applied the 2 offices that is occupied by the company’s staffs. These office have other problems relating to smell as well. Because its a new office, there are a lot of VOCs in this environment which are harmful in long-run. The management is very concern of the long term threat to the patrons working inside such environment as well. Therefore, we are asked to apply SmartCoat in these offices as well.

Here are the pictures showing the application inside these offices.





We do not want to hard sell our effectiveness our SmartCoat any further. We will update this post with actual facts from third party few weeks later after the results are out.. Please stay tuned.

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Arc Flash Applied Exterior Building Of Governmental Building

Year 2010 was a very meaningful year for Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. In this year, we made it to history where we applied our Malaysia’s first Platinum Status Green Building for the control of indoor air quality, and we were also awarded 2 projects for external building application of our nano tio2 namely, the JPA Building at Putrajaya and the BMW HQ Building at THE QUIL, Cyberjaya.

This time around we would like to emphasize the other beauty of our nano tio2 effect of SELF CLEANING for external wall structures. Apart from being able to break organic matters that are harmful in the indoor sectors, our nano tio2 also breaks the oil surfaces that is trying to form on to external structures, not allowing dirt to be collected on these surfaces, even dusts only manage to sit loosely onto the treated surfaces because without the oily film, there is no bonding between the dusts and the surfaces and also, fungus/mold and other microbes could not grow on these surfaces too. When rain falls, all these dirts and dusts will eventually be washed away easily and hence the savings of cleaning and repainting jobs over a few years time.

Here are some pictures of the JPA/JKR project we did at C1 and C2 sector of the main building at putrajaya.


C1 Section Of the Building


C2 Section Of the Building


Application of nano tio2 by our Partner, A-Solution Enterprise






The process did not end with just the application. How do we proof that our nano tio2 treated surfaces are different from others?


We test it out in comparison with another site that has not been treated with our nano tio2 application.
Here, what we did was that we use an ATP Tester to read the microbe counts in 2 different sectors. 1 sector has been treated with our nano tio2 in comparison with 1 sector that has not been treated with the product, by random. We did this test not immediately after the application. The test may seemed to be bias if we do it right after the application. This is because, surely the surface will be cleaned right after the application, but for how long? Therefore, we did the ATP Swap test 14 days after the application. As you can see, the surface treated with our nano tio2 only contains 59 microbes as compared with a non treated surface that has 1000+ microbes. This clearly proves the application has long lasting effects, and not just some kind of chemical being used to kill the microbes on the surfaces temporarily.
The ATP TESTER is being used on food processing lines to check the cleanliness of their food processing lines. The readings of below 150 is very good, and 300 and above is considered failed. From this test, you can see that our nano tio2 treated surface has way passed the food processing tests and its even much cleaner. Do bare in mind that this is the external walls of the building where microbes such as molds can easily grow and start spreading their growth in seconds, but we waited for 14 days before we perform this test.

The other external project that we would like to highlight is the BMW application project at THE QUIL, Cyberjaya.








We did not did any ATP SWAP tests here but we believe that our customer’s satisfactory and testimonial marks a thousand words of what we have to say.

Here is a testimonial presented by the building owner which clearly states their satisfactory on our job done.


These are just 2 of the projects that has applied Arc Flash Corporation’s nano tio2 on their external buildings. We believe, if we manage to switch the mentalities of building owners, more of such projects will fall onto the application of such a great technology.

We hope that this blog not only have clearly explained to you what nano tio2 can do for external buildings, but also the multi benefits that this technology can give in just one product for both improving indoor air pollutants and also the self cleaning aspect for the external structures which will definitely lead to a very green building and great savings on building maintenance in the future.

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Arc Flash Corporation made its way to school with SmartCoat


We had the honor to be trusted by SRK. Kung Man at Serdang Lama, inviting us to apply its class room. The reason that we are called upon for the job is that the school is very concerned about its student’s health. Nanoyo is applied to serve as a protection from bacteria growth and attacks.

Once again, we would like to thank SRK. Kung Man for their trust and support.


The school’s building

We started with cleaning the surfaces to make sure the surfaces we will be applying is dust freed





This shows how dirty the surfaces are, even after normal cleaning

We than started applying our nano tio2 on to all the surfaces in the classes including the ceilings, walls, floors, tables and chairs..









Upon application, the site will not only be free from bacteria, but also fungus free, self deodorizing and can purify the air by itself too…




Job done….. Packed up and go….

We hope that other schools will start appreciating what we have and start protecting their students by applying our high tech product at a preventive measure.

When we are talking about bacteria free, we are also looking at better controls on hand, foot and mouth deceases and other transferable sicknesses between the students.

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SmartCoat Applied at My Little Mandarin House


When you send your children to child care centers or kindergartens, do you know how clean the premise is, actually? Have you wondered about it? When your child are sick, have you thought of the cleanness in the places where they spends most of their time without you by their sides?
Here, we are talking about transmutable deceases, allergens, bacteria/mold contacts, bad indoor air quality caused by harmful VOCs and molds/fungus.

On 24 September 2011, Arc Flash Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd., has applied 2 Kindergardens at Bangsar. The Kindergarden are call, My Little Mandarin House. The owner of these Kindergarden is very straight on health related issues and we are proud to have found such a responsible personnel handling our future leaders on their premise.


Thanks to these bunch of responsible people that our new generation is safe from:

1) communicable deceases
2) allergens
3) bacteria attacks
4) harmful VOCs
5) fungus/mold attacks

With nanoYo application, these kindergartens only need to be reapplied one year after the first application. By this, the premises now can use less toxic cleaning detergents or chemical that produces harmful gasses which may cause more problem to children in this environment.

How sure are we of the cleanness that we are talking about? We follow up by test reports done by third party test lab to monitor the cleanness of the surfaces as well as the air, periodically.



We apply all the playground items which is bound to have a lot of bacteria and fungus/mold growing


It is by nature that books are made from materials that attracts molds and bacteria very quickly. Therefore all the books must be applied with nanoYo too

The tables and chairs is where the children spends most time with possible high traffic of bacterial attacks. By applying nanoYo on to these items, the surfaces will be self sanitizing continuously

Can The Effectiveness Be Tested?







We engage a third party test lab to perform the AIR QUALITY TEST and The SURFACE SWAP TEST to compare the results before and after the application to show proof of its effectiveness.

My Little Mandarin House is the first in Malaysia which adopt such a Green Technology in their Kindergarden. We hope that in the near future, more and more of such premisses will start using this application to protect our love ones from communicable deceases like hand, foot and mouth decease, h1n1 or even normal bacterial attack.

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31st May 2011 marks a very important date for Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd, because on this day, Malaysia’s first Platinum Green Building was being launched by our DPM and was published today on the newspapers nationwide on 1st June 2011.
Arc Flash Corporation is proud to be involved in this project which houses Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Malaysian’s Energy Commision located in Precint 2, Putrajaya. The Diamond Building is LEED Platinum Building, the first Malaysian Green Building Index Platinum building and the first certified GBI building or Green Energy Office.

Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd was involved in the project at the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We applied our nano titanium dioxide (tio2) in the whole building to help to maintain the best indoor air quality by continuously reducing the VOCs and Formeldehyde level to the lowest at all times.







Our nano tio2 was applied to the whole internal structures of the building, including all the ceilings, walls, floors and also all the fittings and fixtures as well as all the furnitures located in this building.

Besides LOW VOCs and Formaldehyde, upon application of our nano tio2, thus building is also Free from:
1) Molds/Fungus
2) Bacteria and Airborne contaminants
3) Odor

Apart from these benefits, using nano tio2 application on green buildings is cost and time saving too. Experts pointed out in our green building seminar which was held last week, that there are 2 requirements in the green building in improving the indoor air quality. Air Flushing is one method and Air Quality Testing is another.


Air Flushing could take a long time and it’s cost consuming because you’ll need very expensive equipments for flush out the air of a whole building. Imagine that a building is due in 3 months and the air flushing has to be done pre-occupied. It’ll easily take up to 20 to 30 days to thoroughly flush out the air of a building of let’s say 7 stories. Therefore if it takes another month to complete the building just for flushing the air, it will be a great lost to the building itself as well as the contractors.
On the other hand, air quality testing can be done during occupancies, but if at the end of a few months time, the indoor air quality is still above the accepted levels in VOCs and Formaldehyde, air flushing is needed to be done. Hence, the extra costs again.
However, during our seminar, experts also pointed out that by using the nano tio2 application, it is the easiest way to maintain the indoor air quality way much below the acceptable levels. This was proven in the air quality monitoring of our Diamond Building over a period of 3 months.




notice the VOCs were already low because this building was using low VOCs materials



notice the VOCs level in some levels goes down to ZERO after 3 months



It was a great experience with the team in this job

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How SmartCoat technology improves IAQ

There has been researches mentioned that nowadays, even the air inside our buildings is worse that the air outside. This is mainly due to the finishes that we have using on our walls and ceilings (eg, paints and glues used on wall papers), floors (eg, materials used on our carpets), open spaces (eg, use of fragrances), washing materials (fragrances detergents) and etc. All the mentioned materials emits VOCs. Most of these VOCs contains harmful gasses that is dangerous to human Heath over a long time.
These danger can’t be seen and felt. The only way we can detect is either by smelling or using VOC testers.

Besides VOCs, even other micro-organic matters like bacteria, virus, molds/fungus and other allergens that we can’t see will harm to our health over time. How can we know whether or not our home of offices or even our cars are filled with all these harmful microbes? They cannot be seen and felt as well. Again, there are numerous swap test equipments and expertise our there who is able to detect them.

So, what do we do after detection of such harmful matters that we have been living with? We take actions by trying to eliminate them. There are a lot of products that have the ability to minimize such contaminants, but does anyone really know what to use? Do they depend on a physical product like an air purifier? After determining that, do they go for the brands and then comparing prices? When they purchase these products to counter the IAQ problems, do they even check the air quality and cleanness of their surfaces once a while to make sure what they have purchased is useful? If they don’t, what makes them trust the products they are using? What different does that make to using nanoyo?

Nanoyo is a form of liquid which contains nano sized tio2. This liquid is applied onto all surfaces in the interiors of a building. This includes all ceilings, walls, floors and even all the furnitures and fittings within a building. When all these mentioned surfaces are applied with nanoyo, when there is like at presence, the treated surfaces will begin to have an ability to decompose anything that is organic upon contact. Therefore, it is able to oxidize VOCs, molds, odor, bacteria and viruses through a process call photocatalyst reaction.
The purpose of covering all the surfaces in the environment is to make use of every treated surfaces to work against all these harmful microbes. Nano tio2, when applied, can last a long time. It’s lifespan can be as long as 2 to 3 years without any maintenance like plugging it into your power supplies or even changing filters like air purifiers. The invisible coat, when applied onto surfaces, will never change the finishing of the surfaces.

So now, we have another option to consider when we are looking for something to solve our IAQ problem. Nanoyo has been in Malaysia for more than 7 years, applied to many premises such as hospitals, hotels, offices, residentials, karaokes, f&b outlets and etc, helping to solved different problems faced by the patrons here.
To find out more, please visit nanoyo or email us on

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Arc Flash Corporation Organized a Green Building Seminar with IEM for SmartCoat

For the first time in Malaysia, SmartCoat hosted a seminar on it’s own. This is a joint organizing event between Arc Flash Corporation Malaysia and IEM (institute of engineers, Malaysia)

The details of this event will be as follows:

Mechanical Engineering Technical Division
c/o The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia
P O Box 223 (Jalan Sultan), 46720 Petaling Jaya

Date: 27 MAY 2011 (FRIDAY)
Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm

The Institution of Engineers Malaysia –
Mechanical Engineering Technical Division
Telephone: 03-7968 4001/2 Fax: 03-7957 7678
Home Page: (under Activities & Events) or E-mail:

Auditorium Tan Sri Prof. Chin Fung Kee,
3rd Floor, Wisma IEM, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Distinguished Sponsor:
Arc Flash Corporation

Half Day Seminar On
” Improving Indoor Air Quality with nano technology titanium oxide (TiO2) with special address on green buildings ”

The pollutants of indoor air quality (IAQ) such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odour, bacteria & microbial particles (fungus & mold) were long know to be a health hazard in modern “sick buildings”. The normal solution is to provide enhanced ventilation and active humidity control i.e. dilution with sufficient amount of fresh air at appropriate humidity. This works well but for rectification of existing buildings that already has such IAQ problem can take a long time and at the expense of occupants’ comfort & health during this duration. For new building, good pre-occupancy IAQ is essential.
Recently, a new technology bases on nano size titanium oxide (TiO2) has emerged as an innovative mean to improve IAQ, in addition to the enhanced ventilation & humidity control. It was discovered in numerous research that this material is able to effectively breakdown organic compounds and microbial particles with the present of visible light. However, TiO2 will not be consumed in the process as it acts purely as a catalyst and will continuously to perform its function throughout the life of building. TiO2 can be applied as a thin coating to building material and its transparent characteristic has no effect to appearance of base material. TiO2 has been widely & successfully used in automobile industry, whereby a quick solution is almost essential for purchaser of a second car that full of undesirable odours and pollutants or a new car with too much out gassing from newly fit-out material. It is affordable now in bringing TiO2 the innovative & miraculous material to building industry. In this seminar, various speakers (some from overseas) will share their research & application result of TiO2 .

Dr Chia Lin Sien, Director, nanoYo Group Pte Ltd, will briefly describe the nano technology and amazing effect of TiO2 as catalyst.

Assoc. Professor Srimala Sreekantan, University Sains Malaysia, will be talking about, “USM insights on Multi-functional application of TiO2 nanotube arrays: A way forward for green environment”

Takamatsu Masayuki, Director, nanoYo Group Pte Ltd, FOUNDER OF NANOYO will address various types of TiO2, performance test & application of TiO2 to Susa Hospital in Wakayama City, Japan

Professor Dr. Wimolsiri Porntaveewat, King Mongkut University, Thailand will speak on TiO2 is a FDA approved material, its health, safety & toxicity aspect & experiments on foodstuffs.

Dr. Chia lin sien Director, nanoYo Group Pte Ltd &
Ir. Soong Peng Soon, Commissioning Specialist of Green Buildings will describe application of TiO2 in hotels & other local green building projects.


8:15am – 8:45am

8:45am – 9:00am
Opening remarks by Organising Chairman

9:00am – 9:30am
Nanotechnology – brief description. TiO2 reduced to 2-3nm size as photo-catalyst with amazing effects.

9:30am – 10:00am
TiO2 s capability and mechanism. Multi-functional beneficial effects of TiO2. Research and development of TiO2 in University of Science, Malaysia

10.00am – 10:15am
Tea Break

10:15 am – 11:00am
About TiO2: difference due to the size of particles and with/without binder. Difference with other TiO2 products and other similar products like nano silver.
Application of nanoYo to Susa Hospital in Wakayama City, Japan: Presentation of reports and findings, performance tests on TiO2 (microbe test on surfaces, air test and glass test)

11:00am – 11:30am
nano TiO2 is a FDA approved material. Experiments on foodstuffs (fruit, vegetables, meat and fish). Health safety of TiO2 toxicity tests

11:30am –12:00pm
Application of TiO2 in building industry with special address to green buildings

12:00pm – 12:30[m
Question and Answer

12.30 pm
End of Session and Lunch.

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SmartCoat, an innovative way to eliminate the invisible enemies


Have You encountered any invisible enemies? Im sure you do… Im not talking about ghosts here…. Im talking about bacteria, mold/fungus, bad odor, virus, and other contaminants which are harmful to our lives… Please take some time to go through what i have to say if you are aware that your children playing with the invisible enemies…




The warm and humid tropical climate in Malaysia and the rest of the Southeast Asian region creates prime breeding ground for harmful bacterial, yeast and viral organisms. This can aggravate allergies of the sinus, skin and eyes, as well as particularly increase the risk of contagious air-borne diseases such as tuberculosis, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and recently, the H1N1 pandemic. In the recent years, consumers have been flooded with an influx of air purifier products – ranging from compact air ionizers to air-conditioners which kill harmful organisms in the air. Well-intended as they are created to be, these products are limited to their areas of application and require hardware installation as well as periodical maintenance. But with the ARC FLASH’s NANOYO Nanotech Photo-catalyst, consumers here can now enjoy the high quality clean air and environmental protection which have been enjoyed by residents in Japan, USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong. NANOYO photo-catalytic is a colorless liquid coating with nano-sized titanium dioxide (TiO2) as its main ingredient. As a semi-conducting photo-catalyst, TiO2 lowers the chemical activation energy to enhance chemical reaction or accelerate the reaction rate under photo-irradiation. However, TiO2 does not decompose or degrade from any resulting chemical reaction due to photo-irradiation. NANOYO is as innovative as it is convenient without requiring hardware installation and periodical maintenance. Application is easy – spraying the liquid paint onto the intended surfaces using the special electrostatic sprayer. Suitable applications for NANOYO are especially the interiors of residences, offices, healthcare institutions and automobiles.


We adopt the best application tool using the ELECTROSTATIC Spraying Technology, making nanoyo to be the first and only who use this technology for nano tio2 application in the world.


1) we apply nanoyo by directly spraying the product onto surfaces with our electrostatic sprayer


2) The photocatalyst effect will oxidize anything that is organic that comes into contact with nanoYo’s surfaces.
Nanoyo oxidizes the microbes by turning them into h2o and co2. This process will repeatedly happens for 2 years or more.



Locally, NANOYO has been applied in many industries over the 5 years of entry in the Malaysian market. They have been applied in the Education industries, Hospitals, Hotels and Resorts, Offices, Residential as well as private automotives. NANOYO has been protecting these clienteles from their invisible enemies, ever since.

















These pictures shows how clean nanoyo’s surfaces are. The tests are taken weeks after the application on the exterior walls (JKR Building Exterior) and months after the application on the chair. Both showing promising results.

OUR SIGNATURE Project, THE DIAMOND BUILDING, of Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Putrajaya. The first PLATINIUM GREEN BUILDING status






Gleneagles Hospital for the anti bacteria and anti VOCs application




Application at Cheras Pantai Hospital





Johnson&johnson Clean Room Application





Suitable surfaces within buildings to apply NANOYO would be ceilings and walls, as with car seats, dashboards and side panels in a car surfaces. When TiO2 is exposed to UV radiation from sunlight or any other visible light sources, this maximizes the oxidization capabilities of TiO2 to degrade the harmful micro-organisms in a process similar to photosynthesis, call PHOTOCATALYST. So happened bacteria, virus, mold/fungus and even odor are all organic in nature. This thus produces purified air which is 99.97% bacteria-free, virus-free, mold/fungus-free and also odor-free.

Here is a study done in University of Twente, Netherlands, showing the effectiveness of photocatalyst oxidations against VOCs and other gasses in indoors.

Where nanoYo is suitable to be applied?


NANOYO (photo catalyst) contain high level of Tio2 which has high chemistry stability and non-toxic characteristic. The process of light illumination is able to activate NANOYO to decompose microorganism and virus. It may avoid over using the medication disinfectant products which is possibly to cause the viral mutation. Besides its hassle-free application process, NANOYO is odorless and non-toxic, while being self-disinfectant, self-deodorizing and protecting the treated surfaces from stains after application during its effective treatment period. It does not contain medicinal substances so it will not cause antibody development and reduce the environmental pollution. This technology will enable a safer way for long term sterilization. NANOYO dries almost instantly after being applied onto designated surfaces and forms a nano film, filled with tio2. It is advised that the treated surfaces not be cleaned or affected in any way from interference of other chemical cleaning products for the first day time while the TiO2 is hardening on the treated areas. Base on the analysis report, NANOYO can remove unpleasant smell, eliminated harmful substances, prevent dirt collection, anti-fungal, anti-mold and most important is it will not release the deleterious substances TIO2 has been the top of the list in science studies around the world. With its ability to decompose not only microbes but also many gasses released from compounds be it naturally or industrially, this new concept may be one of the most effective way to protect us from harmful contaminants in the future.



Nanoyo has is available for cars too..


Formerly known as Arc Flash, nanoYo was adopted by Mitsubishi Electronics in Year 2010 as the anti bacteria DIY for their customers.

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